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New from HGT Precision is the RS Sequential Gearbox, with billet 7075-T6 CNC case, diamond ground gears and billet steel CNC shift forks. It comes in 6-, 5- and 4-speed versions. 1000nm/740ftlb rating. It is designed and built for super reliability and strength. Bellhouses to suit most RWD setups. Whether for the race track or street, it is probably the world’s quietest straight cut dog-box.

HGT Precision supplies a range of Sequential Race Gearboxes for Motorsport and High Performance cars all over the world.

Our design and manufacturing team in Switzerland have been in the gear business since 1926 and currently supply gears and technology to F1, F3, LMP, Audi & Porsche race teams, with numerous components in winning Le Mans cars.

The same Swiss precision and attention to detail that helps European Race Car teams win championships is built into every HGT Sequential Gearbox.

Craftsmanship, exacting standards and a commitment to quality that have been meticulously handed down over four generations are evidenced in every one of our hand-built Billet 7075 CNC masterpieces. The factory is naturally ISO 9001 accredited which means HGT Sequential Gearboxes are made the same way, to the same precise standards – every time !

Why HGT?

Reliability – if you want to finish 1st, first you must finish. HGT sequential gearboxes and motorsport transmissions are engineered for long race life with regular servicing.

Total Solution – we supply everything you need to make your racing gearbox a plug and play experience- no more running around to find the missing components on arrival.

Parts Availability – we keep parts stock for all our gearboxes and transmissions and provide a same day “on FEDEX/DHL” service for speedy global delivery to your door.

Support – We’re always ready to help and are just a phone call or email away. All emails are answered the same day – if you need a faster response just call.

So whether you’re a Circuit, Drag, Drift, Rally, Time Attack, or Autocross racer in Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia or New Zealand, we’ve probably got a rear wheel drive gearbox solution that’s right for you.