Just the facts by “DRIFTLINE”.



Driftline “Top Tip List” will be brutally honest predictions of what to expect come race day. If we gave you some ridiculous odds as a Drifter, use it as fuel to the fire and get a podium finish to prove our expert of things wrong.

For AMUSEMENT, Not for gaming.

DriverTop pick for long beachOdds
Vaughn Gitten JrWill Gunnar be taking over the mustang?8 to 1
Chelsea DenofaNeeds to Get closer to Federico.5 to 1
Frederic Aasbo Always second best.2 to 1
James DeaneMAN OR MACHINE?1 to 1
Piotr WicekYou are what you eat….bananas!3 to 1
Matt CoffmanWho’s in the coffin?12 to 1
Odi BakchisBig shoes to fill dad.6 to 1
Taylor HullDon’t hit a Stonewall!20 to 1
Jeff Jones “No ghost to be afraid of.”32 to 1
Kyle MohanShoulda had a V8!25 to 1
Jhonnathen CastroJames Deane’s KRYPTONITE.24 to 1
Joao BarionCarnival float or vette, what’s better to drive?30 to 1
Fedrico SceriffoStay away from Chelsea!21 to 1
Dirk StrattonNo longer stock?4 to 1
Matt FieldTwo-vehicle effort? Too bizarre not to overlook…7 to 1
Kazuya TaguchiEveryone has an s15 now.29 to 1
Ken GushiTIRE CHESS9 to 1
Daijiro YoshiharaNo visor no podium!8 to 1
Mike EssaUp against the wall!7 to 1
Dan BurkettStuck in the 80’s.14 to 1
Pat GoodinRental Insurance?28 to 1
Alex HeilbrunnOut early? Drift rust.15 to 1
Alec HohnadellOut models the models. 😉11 to 1
Dylan HughesNew team, who dis?27 to 1
Chris ForsbergThat’s not a GTR.8 to 1
Ryan TuerckNutrition/trainer -> Just crazy enough to do it.7 to 1
Dean KearneyCan you even drive off with all that power?17 to 1
Mitch LarnerHANG WITH THE WANG36 to 1
Kevin LawrenceNissan’s decision to remanufacture RBs is all your fault.31 to 1
Ryan Litteral2 cars, 1 driver?30 to 1
Austin MeeksTurn up the volume….I can’t hear it.19 to 1
Justin PawlakHome court advantage.3 to 1
Manuel VaccaIs “king of Ittly” enough for FD?34 to 1
Matt VankirkCan he let go of the mic and drift?26 to 1
Forrest WangKing of the “lock”-smiths.3 to 1
Travis ReederUnproven? Will the batteries last.28 to 1
Sebastien GauthierBright car. Tough rookie event.37 to 1