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Up for sale is my dream car realized. I built this car when i imported it in late 2014 (1 year build time), but I have recently fallen upon one hard time after another and am now forced to sell this car. This car has been the poster child for my tire company's social media: @ZestinoOnline, snapped many a neck on the road, obtained abundant amounts of amazing drifting and rolling shots, made kids and adults alike smile, allowed me to drift with some of my inspirations, such as Satsukawa, the leader of A-Bo-Moon and has been a wonderful thing to be able to achieve in general. However, currently I face a rather serious impending doom unless I sell this car, so it must go. The car will most likely be located in southern california at time of sale, as I am being forced to move back to California at least until I get back on my feet, but it IS my only registered, insured, daily-driven car (what, you think i'm gonna let myself roll in a hyundai? oh. probably.. after this is sold. LOL...) Needless to say, serious offers only, no trades. the wrap can be removed upon purchase if so desired. PRICE IS OBO - Please make an offer, CAR NEEDS TO GO

Kyle's 1989 R32 Skyline 4-Door Info Sheet

Vehicle Info:
VIN - HR3200001998 | Bond Released (Imported by TopRank/
Original Color: Silver
Original Trim Level: GTE
Mileage (KM): 89XXX

Documents completed:
AZ Title
AZ Registration until Nov. 2019

Known Imperfections:
Inner Tie-rods Would Enjoy Being Replaced (Can Provide Upon Purchase Completion)
Paint Imperfections/fiberglass cracks in Front and Rear Bumpers
corner lights missing amber sections

==List of Aftermarket Parts and Modifications==

S13 Front Suspension Conversion performed by Michael Essa @ Essa Autosport
FEAL S13 441 Coilovers
Custom Valving For This Car
9Kg Front / 5Kg Rear Springrates
Custom S13 Front Knuckles
OEM 2000 Maxima Tie Rods
OEM and Tanabe D1 Spec Front Swaybar Options
Powered By Max PRO Front Lower Control Arms and Tension Rod Kit
Powered By Max Rear Lower Control Arms
Powered By Max Rear Upper Control Arms
Powered By Max Traction Rods
Powered By Max Toe Rods
SPL Monoball Bearing Rear Knuckle Conversion
OEM and Tanabe D1 Spec Rear Swaybar Options

Ogura Racing Clutch 409D-01N Non-Silent Single Plate Clutch
Nismo Short Shifter
Nismo Engine Mounts
Nismo Transmission Mounts
Nismo Clutch Slave Cylinder
HEL Stainless Braided Clutch Line
Ichiba S13 5-Lug Conversion Wheel Hub Kit
Cusco Type-RS
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