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Your One Stop Shop for Racing Transmissions!

Street Racing, Road-Racing, and Drifting, from Novice to PRO FD series!

$6650(Delivered to YOUR Door Step RACE READY)

FREE Continental 48 State SHIPPING, We can supply any racer in the USA or Internationally!

GForce/GSR, SR-1 TEX Racing NASCAR Transmissions Dog Ring Style (No syncro's like weak Factory Street Transmissions)!

Custom Input Shafts for your application, Street, Road-Racing or Drifting! Input shafts available = *14 2JZ or 24 RB series spline,(THESE ARE ADDITIONAL $575)

*26 chevy Inputshaft(1000hp rated w/SUCCESS) or *29 NASCAR spline Can be used in ANY Rear Wheel Drive Car,

NOTE: special bell housings or Adaptor CnC plates for 2JZ or RD20-25-26 series(Adaptor CnC plates kits are $475), may be required for some applications, depends on the engine you are using if different then American muscle...

Output shaft is *32 spline to handle maximum power transfer, These output shafts require a "Hardened slip yoke for the drive shaft you are running." ***We Can Supply The Hardened Slip Yoke for your Driveshaft also, for an additional cost of $250.00*** PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM UPON PURCHASING TRANSMISSION.

Our Transmissions are Much Stronger, Allow for Faster Shifts, Come in Any Gear Ratio Stack YOU desire! We have raced and serviced these racing transmission for many years and now have an over stock of High Quality Race Ready transmissions for YOU... Every race box is gone thru and serviced for maximum reliability and performance.

The internals have all been updated to the best quality materials money can buy(ANDREWS INTERNALS)... We have replaced the original quality GFORCE/TEX racing gears with a much Higher Quality component! We are proud to say:

"We have never had an Un-Satisfied Client Buying our Race Transmissions to date" Information We Require to Build YOU a race transmission:
*** Transmissions DO NOT include Shifter Handles ***
A) Standard Input shafts size (26 or 29 spline) you require (Also check your clutch hubs)

B) Shifter Setback (measured from the bell housing face of trans to the where you want the center of the shifter "Pivot Point"... These setback are limited to keep the strength and stiffness of the shifter assy. 21", 24" and 26" (21" & 26" is a special order and cost $450 more)

C) Ratio stack you desire, we can help guide you in a good direction, BUT the final choice must be made by you the client. As we will not be held responsible for having to change your rat
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