Taylor Hull Wins Klutch Kickers Round 4 and Takes Control of the Championship!

Taylor Hull Klutch Kickers drift series

Last weekend, July 11-12 sixty of the best drifters the country has to offer gathered in the panhandle of Florida for a chance at the $20,000 purse up for grabs at round 4 of Klutch Kickers drift series. Current points leader Taylor Hull and his team were included in the entrants. The team arrived early Saturday morning after a long few weeks of prepping their vehicle of choice, a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. 

Saturday morning practice went well for Taylor.

It lasted an hour and the team was able to adjust their triple adjustable Yellowspeed Coilovers to compensate for the extreme heat. Qualifying would be up next. Taylor scored an 84 on his first try, putting him tied for 3rd at the end of the first round and backed it up with another 84. Unfortunately, several drivers scored better on their second lap so Hull ended up qualifying 10th. 

Taylor Hull Achilles Tire 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

Disaster struck when changing the oil

Sunday morning is always car prep for the team, but disaster struck as JJ Alfano was changing the oil. What was once a nice golden stream of Liqui Moly had been turned into the look and consistency of a vanilla milkshake, indicating that there was a large amount of water being mixed with the oil. The team rallied together, re-torqued the RHS heads, finished the oil change, and decided to only make one lap of practice knowing the laps on the engine may be numbered. 

Taylor Hullwith fresh 20w 50 Liqui Moly

Taylor got a bye run and did not have to run in top 64 Saturday, but Sundays’ first battle would be Rudy Martinez in the top 32. Hull lead first and was able to pull a slight gap on Rudy while maintaining a solid lead line. When Martinez lead, The Comp Cams Cadillac was stuck like glue to the door of Rudy’s white Nissan. When the run was over, Hull was awarded the win and the team jumped into action to once again drain the fluids from the engine in exchange for fresh 20w-50 Liqui Moly. 

Taylor Hull Klutch Kickers takes control of the championship

Taylor and Brandon Mcdowell were set to battle

Following the top 16 ceremonies, Taylor and Brandon Mcdowell were set to battle. His white 350z prepared by Enjuku racing was a smoke machine and a formidable opponent. Brandon lead first, filled the track with smoke and Taylor was able to keep within a car length for the run, not as close as he would have liked. Hull would go a tire off in the first turn while he lead with Brandon making some adjustments behind him. Hull was judged the winner in the end. 

Taylor Hull Cadillac ATS-V Drift Line 2020

Taylor would be pitted against friendly rival “Magic” Mike Pollard for his top 8 battle with Mike leading first in his black Nissan S14. Taylor was able to keep very close and it was anybody’s run when it came time for the Cadillac to take its turn out front. The speed proved to be a factor in the battle as Hull was able to pull a gap leaving Pollard directly in the smoke trail. He kept his Nissan in drift, but just was not able to match pace, Hull would move on to final 4. 

Taylor Hull pitted against friendly rival Magic Mike Pollard

The final four battles

The final four battles on both sides of the bracket were extremely competitive and tough to call. Chelsea Denofa won on the top side of the bracket with Taylor Hull and Jonathan Nerren doing battle on the bottom. With the first pair of laps too close to call, Taylor and Jonathan went to a one more time. On the final battle, Taylor put down a lead run that was online with a high level of commitment with Nerren in close proximity. After another long deliberation, Taylor took the win and moved on to the finals. 

Taylor Hull vs Chelsea Denofa

Both drivers in the final battle had each other circled all weekend as leading candidates to prepare for. Chelsea Denofa was behind the wheel of a Drift HQ prepared E46 BMW this weekend and looking as aggressive as ever qualifying number 1. Hull in his Cadillac that his team has been developing over the past two seasons was ready for the challenge. Chelsea lead first as the higher qualifier with Taylor stuck to his door around the course. Hull made slight contact with Denofa coming through the second outer zone, but there was little effect from that bump as both drivers continued on. When Hull lead and both drivers initiated into the first turn, slight contact was made resulting in the right rear tire from the Cadillac going off track for a moment. The battle was back on a moment later where more contact was made, unfortunately resulting in a broken tie rod for Denofa. 

Taylor Hull vs Chelsea Denofa

Chelsea and Taylor shared some laughs after the dust settled, but in the end, Taylor Hull was declared the winner of Klutch Kickers round 4 and took home the $10,000 winners check. Champagne was sprayed, hugs were shared, and Taylor Hull had this to say following the event. “To be able to win another Klutch Kickers event with the level of drivers and cars that are coming out is unbelievable! These are the two biggest wins of my career across all of the motorsports and I couldn’t be more grateful to my team, to my sponsors, and to the fans who came out to support us and this series. I also can’t believe that even with the engine hurt like it was that it was able to last the whole comp. It’s a real testament to the parts that come out of the Comp Performance Group and the Liqui Moly flowing through it even though it was severely watered down it didn’t fail. We’ll celebrate this one tonight but were back to work tomorrow to try to win round 5 and take home the championship!”

Taylor Hull was declared the winner

Taylor Hull Wins Klutch Kickers

Taylor currently leads the points going into the final round of the series.
He would like to thank his partners for all their continued support.